10 thoughts on “WCW: Audrey Tatou

  1. That white lace dress from Coco, Before Chanel reminds me of the one Kristin Scott Thomas wore in Arsene Lupin (from the back, anyway). :)

  2. Please do a deep dive into A Very Long Engagement! I love this film (and I never meet anyone who has seen it!). The costumes are wonderful and really get that immediate postwar look.

  3. Seconding a plea for a post on A Very Long Engagement! It’s a beautiful film and the costuming really is good.

  4. OTT french actresses in the last picture : Audrey Tautou, of course, Mélanie Laurent (Unglorious Bastards) and Berenice Bejo, ( ponytail : the Artist).
    I found Eternity long and boring ( with an overvoice and a piano I couldnt bear ) but costumwise, it’s really beautiful.

  5. J’ADORE Audrey Tatou! She is both adorable and beautiful, and an excellent actress to boot! She definitely has that period “look”, especially for the early 20th century. Re my fave of her Frock Flick roles, I’m gonna go with Coco Before Chanel. Like you, I will echo a plea for her to do more Frock Flicks in the future!! TRES EXCELLENT WCW choice!

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