9 thoughts on “18th Century Quest: The Libertine (2000)

  1. As you say orientalism was an 18th c. fad. Interestingly China had a parallel Occidentalist fad. Their are pictures of Imperial concubines all got up in 18th c. Western garb. The bathhouse however sounds like a step too far.

  2. The Lucille Ball gif if my immediate go-to when something needs an ‘Ew’ reaction!

  3. I don’t think they did any favors to the actor by taking him out of that wig. The wig, if somewhat dated for the movie, was much better than that scraggly hair!

  4. I don’t wanna be negative but… yuk.
    I don’t like much. I dunno what it is. The color combinations? That Orange riding habit looks like it has blue dyed cotton lace on it. I hope that’s just my monitor’s fault. And I hate the waistcoat underneath.
    I know I’m nuts but the one outfit I really kinda like is the weird stiff red dress covered in gold embroidery and trim that the lady of the house sings in. It’s definitely referencing baroque theatrical costume. Yes, that too is weird…
    And the floozy with the long waist… isn’t there a time… 1760s? …where the waist of pannier gowns was dropped a bit, the bodice curves out a smidgen like the shape of the corset. But her’s does look like it’s dropped like 3”.
    I wanna see all the wife’s striped gown. It looks good!
    I’d like Dederot’s blue on blue outfit more if he’s button up his waistcoat and shirt.
    OK, I’ll shut up now. Peace! Out!

  5. I watched the movie some years ago. I just don’t like Fanny Ardant and think that they surely would have find a more plausible actress (maybe German) for the role. I never had the impression that Mme. Therbusch ever was very sexy or a target of libertines… It’s somehow hilarious to see Diderot with nice long hair if you have him in mind with his short hair from Therbusch’s original portray.

    I did like some scenes of the movie and Perez is the perfect libertine although I doubt the image of Diderot here.

  6. I haven’t seen this film…yet…but is the racism blatant or just correct for the period? Should I be prepared for factual history or modern racism?

    1. You decide: the BIPOC characters only exist in the bathhouse and are there to provide sexual favors to the white characters, and it’s played as though it’s fun.

      1. Not impossible in period if unlikely but definitely should be portrayed as seriously squicky because it IS!

  7. I didn’t know this movie existed until now. I saw The Libertine starring Johnny Depp in the theaters way back when. Vincent Perez looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS here, as usual! That’s really all I have to say!!

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