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  1. I love him and the Nancy Miltford Novels/Adaptations. He seems young to play Lord Merlin though (at least how I imagine him). They better not change the plots or storylines like other recent book adaptations I’ve seen on Netflix, Amazon, etc.

    1. They have messed around with it (the final part is on BBC on Sunday). But it’s gorgeous to look at and he is both pretty and pretty hilarious.

  2. Sorry, I couldn’t make it past “film adaption of Catherine, Called Birdy”! It’s probably my most beloved book and single handedly got me through the misery that was 6th grade. Now, I don’t know enough about Lena Dunham to know if I should be nervous or not about how she’ll adapt it, but right now I’m beyond excited. But I can totally see Andrew Scott as Birdy’s greedy toad of a father (“the devil take him”). Frock Flicks, you guys are a goddamn gem!

    1. Likewise! I adored that book! (I have a signed copy from when she come to our local bookstore).

      Not historical enough for Frock Flicks (but set almost 40 years ago!), but I did enjoy Andrew Scott’s performance in Pride (2014).

    2. I know!!! I’ve been obsessed with that book since oh, I don’t know, 1995. (The first time I read it, I devoured it in one sitting!)

      I’m cautiously optimistic… on the one hand, Dean-Charles Chapman is in it too, on the other hand the IMDb listing has a character named ‘Golden Tiger’ and I’ve read the book a jillion times and there is no Golden Tiger???

      Let’s just hope they get the costuming right. I learned the word ‘kirtle’ from that book, and it always makes me think of Catherine wearing her second-best kirtle to church for Lent because she figures God doesn’t want her to ruin her best!

    3. Same here! I reread Catherine, Called Birdy so much I wore out my copy of the book and had to buy another! And the girl who played Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones is so good! I can’t wait to see her be Birdy! The number of exclamation points I’ve used doesn’t even come close to how excited I am about this!

  3. Talented actor, thought I didn’t know he played Paul McCartney. That’s damn uncanny.

  4. That Korea pic has a real kids-standing-on-each-other’s-shoulders-and-wearing-dad’s-coat vibe to it.

  5. He will alllllllways be Private Hall from ‘Band of Brothers’ to me. “Shut your f***ing guinea trap, Gonorrhea!” Might have shouted that on the screen when he appeared in ‘1917.’

  6. The only one I’ve seen is “Miracle at Midnight.” Along with my adoration of “Catherine, Called Birdy,” I was also big into “Number the Stars” when I was in 5-6th grade.

  7. That fabric he’s wearing in The Hollow Crown made me stop scrolling! Wow. Just… Wow. I adore it.

  8. Sorry folks all I can see when i see thy hottie is “BEWARE THAT’S MORIARTY” indeed the GIF from The Hour can be quite Stop tempting me for some people

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