40 thoughts on “What the HELL Is Going On in the Jeanne du Barry Trailer?

  1. The trailer made me go WTF, not just for the lack of hairpins and bad costumes, but the actress being 20+ years too old for the part (and looking so gaunt / so not that period aesthetic). But, like, she cast herself, so it’s a vanity project…

    1. The actress who plays Marie-Anoinette (with the paper doll choker) would have made a fine du Barry.

    2. Yea, I feel like if you are going to do vanity projects it would help to have a smidgen of self-awareness about it. The actress playing Marie looks uncannily like the portrait of du Barry! Just cast her and play a different part yourself!

    3. She does look abit to old for the part and skinny. Why didn’t she fix her hair. It is too messy it would have been better if they dyed it blond and put some conditioner on it.

      1. She gives me “starved Vegan” vibes, which isn’t great for period drama parts in a time period when they idolized round faces and soft curves.

  2. The paper doll choker is weird, but the actress playing Marie Antoinette looks exactly like the portrait of the real du Barry.

    1. It’s not a documentary🤣
      Directors take creative license to tell the story they went to tell.
      It doesn’t even have to be factual, Tarantino killed Hitler in the middle of WW2 in the Inglorious Bastards movie.

        1. IB, not IG.When you present historical stuff to be taken seriously, it helps to be accurate. Historical documentaries aren’t very popular, so people get their history watching crap like this.

  3. When watching the trailer I too was shocked by the casting of du Barry. Her appeal to the king was her youth and apparent innocence, which you do not here, The actress playing MA would have been a far better choice.

  4. My eyes! These costumes and hairstyles have guaranteed that I will never watch this film and indeed I rarely bother with historical films despite being passionate about history and even studying it for my degree. It’s so sad.

  5. So much of this looks like those 19th century fashions that were inspired by 18th century looks…

  6. I adore Madame Du Barry (historical person); I adore her so much I actually have a picture of Madame Du Barry in my car!! I am extremely disappointed to see this video. The woman who plays Madame Du Barry looks nothing like her. I’m sure this movie is going to be a huge disappointment for me and for people who are interested in true historical movies.

  7. “I do feel bad for Maïwenn as increasingly-horrendous Depp was apparently a total shitshow on set. That being said, I assume she played a role in casting the superstar spousal-abuser, so my sympathy is somewhat limited.”

    OTOH, if you go to her Wikipedia page, there’s apparently been SO MUCH abuse in her entire lifetime that working with Depp would’ve been a vacation.

  8. In the interests of making a little mischief, may one ask if the hair seen on du Barry in this trailer makes ‘Rococo Barbie’ from MARIE ANTOINETTE 2023 look positively authentic by comparison?

  9. I just… To Jail, everyone involved with this production! Except for Mr Depp, he’s going to a HS Prison! >:)

    1. I just… To Jail, everyone involved with this production! Except for Mr Depp, he’s going to a HS Prison! >:

      What’s is HS Prison?

  10. For multiple reasons, I was hoping that this would be more about her life post-Versailles.

  11. According to the comments on the trailer, it’s the best thing ever! I feel like I watched something very different than them. No chemistry between the actors. Gotta wonder how this will actually do at the Cannes.

  12. OMG, I just watched the trailer after reading this post. Honestly, this whole concept seems like a mess. I’ve only seen one other film directed by Maiween, Le Bal Des Actrices, listed in English on IMDB as All About Actresses, and it was passable–a good concept with OK execution. Looks like the same thing might’ve happened here. I may watch it.

  13. There’s this weird tradition of portraying Du Barry as this womanly brunette in movies though (sometimes with very black hair, even), I wonder if it’s because she’s supposed to be a foil to young, doll-like Marie Antoinette? Brunette vs. blonde, experienced vs. innocent, French vs. German etc. So childish. We can understand the differences between two blonde women. As a brunette myself, I love seeing one on screen, but not at the cost of accuracy.

    This movie is probably one of the most WTFrockish ones I’ve seen recently, for sure.

      1. I’m pretty sure that I read an article (fairly recently) that Cynthia Nixon was asked to die her hair red for Sex and the City so that there wouldn’t be too many blondes in the cast! Oh dear. As we couldn’t’ve told those actresses apart either! And I think that she was only natural blonde in the cast anyway!

  14. If this eye sore gets critical acclaim for costumes, this will affirm my suspicion that critics are bought by the producers. I haven’t seen such crappy costumes in a long time and the director must have been really very confident in herself to think that she would be visually a good Du Barry …

  15. oh my God, what a mess! I feel the costumes are just out of place. The hair is just not fitting in. They are just after Du Barry’s time. The costumes are not lively as one would expect from that period. They had birds in their hair for heaven sakes;)

  16. It’s horrendous, save the architecture, location, presentation dress and white ostrich feathers! Those well-acquainted with me know very well how close I hold the beautiful Jeanne du Barry to heart- the day I read her biography I was seduced (which is nothing considering her :D). A biopic of Madame du Barry was something I truly longed for, so imagine the thrills I got when I first read of its possible happening, and the utter distress I felt when I saw this sorry excuse for an 18th century themed movie! I mean come on! 18th century France by the French should really be utter perfection! It was France’s golden-est era for crying out loud!!!!!!
    If you want to make a movie interpretation of something historical, make sure you have the suitable funds and the perfect research for it!!!!! This movie had so much potential, wasted away like flushed toilet water >:(

  17. JD has not done a good movie in 20 years. But this one looks a new low. Historical accuracy is so EASY for well documented periods like this. Who funded this crap? Maiwenn really? This is the best you could do?

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