7 thoughts on “Jane Seymour in Movies and TV

  1. At least the current actress has proved more interesting. I wonder how everyone resisted casting her as Jane Seymour? Quite enthusiastically agree about the 5 women.

  2. Aw, when I first saw this headline, I thought you were going to discuss the other Jane Seymour (of Dr. Quinn fame).

  3. The matching white wedding outfits in that last picture? The gold “embroidery” is actually glitter. I dressed these costumes in a TV costumes exhibition at a museum and they literally put glue in the desired pattern and then put glitter on it. I suppose it is a clever way to have a ton of embroidery without having to do a ton of embroidery but still. GLITTER. Ye olde glitter glue! I will never get over this, it’s a story I share often.

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