5 thoughts on “What to Expect From Indian Summers Season 2 (SPOILERS)

  1. Yes! I cannot wait for it. Wendy Cork’s fashions are, dare I say it? TDF. Especially Madeleine (Team Madeleine all the way), Lena, Sirene and HH the Maharajah.
    If not tiger, can I feed Sarah to Drogon? She’s going to have to change majorly, say either Mother Teresa and Princess Di, to make me NOT want to feed her to either a tiger or Drogon.
    Hope, PBS can save show for a season 3.

  2. I’ve seen the first couple of eps and was thrown off at first not realizing there was a jump in time. It’s still good and I have you guys in the back of my head making me look at costumes and wondering how authentic they are. lol

  3. Yep! Watched it already, for I’m to impatient to wait. It was glorious and I’m looking forward to riding that rollercoaster again; savoring the sights: landscape and wardrobe. I really hope the writer will have success taking it elsewhere.

  4. I’m really looking forward to season 2, though I’m sad it was cancelled. I watched season 1 a few weeks ago, largely because the Frock Flicks recaps piqued my interest. I really enjoyed the show and am looking forward to your coverage of season 2!

  5. I just caught up with season one. Took a while (a couple of episodes) to warm to the characters but now I am hooked and really looking forward to the season two blog. Glad to see that all my favourite characters, the Dalals, Leena, Ian and even muddled up Ralphie are back in season two. Lots of fabulous costumes to look forward to too.

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