4 thoughts on “Going Deeper Into the Costumes of The Young Victoria (2009), Part 2

  1. Very informative review.

    But I wonder if Sabrina had considered Victoria sort of used her bonnets as several things such as providing a ‘wall’ between her and the outside world especially her mother, Duchess Victoire?
    As a way of appearing ‘all grown up’ against her mother’s constant infantilisng her. And on equal footing with Dowager Queen Adelaide?

    The television show costumes are equally gorgeous and also have meaning. Especially when pregnant, Victoria looks regal and about to go into labour, won’t say more as it might be considered a ‘spoiler’. Past seasons costumes do resemble her coronation robes, her wedding gown and convey her growing maturity and becoming more ‘at home’ with being Queen. The ‘Philippa of Hainault’ Costume Ball tried to be accurate to the painting and I feel it succeeded.

  2. I’d actually love an in depth comparison of the costumes of this film vs. PBS’s ‘Victoria’. I’m not sure if I’m prejudiced in favour of this film, or if it has to do erith my issues of how Victoria is scripted and acted on the show influencing my memory, but the costumes on ‘Victoria’ never quite cut the mustard for me

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