7 thoughts on “Catching Up With Gentleman Jack S2

  1. I love the costumes so much!!! It makes me so happy to see Anne in navy blue and the embroidery on her waistcoats has me in fits needing to replicate. The progression of the characters into more mature tones as the story gets more and more about property ownership is wonderful.

    My one gripe: Has anyone else noticed how very very large all of the tea service items are? Their teacups are enormous! I know I am biased as I have done research and have old porcelain, but those teacups, seriously. What were they thinking.

  2. I enjoyed the costumes [mostly] WAY more than I enjoyed the series as a whole. It was all rather meh to be honest, and Anne was so bloody unpleasant, that even the rather watered-down asides to the camera lost all humour. There she was, gaslighting Ann and bullying everyone, then getting a leg over Mariana. I have not read the diaries, but was aware that Miss Lister was a rather difficulty character to like, but…it was boring. We found ourselves yelling at Ann Walker to clock her one and walk out…

    1. I tend to agree. Having read much of the published diaries, Lister seems like a contradictory & often not very nice person, so at least S2 was accurate to that. But it wasn’t great fun to watch :(

  3. If poor Marian can’t have a man at least she can have great clothes!
    Anne’s taste remains impeccable, I love that blue military style gown!

  4. The costumes are on display at Bankfield Museum, just down the road from Shibden Hall – I need to finish watching the series and then I’m going to tootle across to go see them :)

    (they’ve got an exhibition of historical costume from the same period on too – which I recommend. And not just cos the Museum I work for has lent some pieces for it…)

  5. I loved the 2nd season costumes bc of their texture and style, as well as how they showed each person’s character. Ann was becoming more sure of herself, more mature and aware of her surroundings. Her clothes reflect this. I enjoyed Tib so much, I am demanding a Tib spin-off. Marianna still isn’t a favourite bc while Ann is developing a strong sense of worth. Marianna just wants to break up the Ann/Anne marriage.

  6. I am drooling. The clothes! The hair! What absolute joy. Oh, if all historical productions could be like this. Heaven.

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