7 thoughts on “18th-Century Menswear in Our Flag Means Death, Part 1

  1. As you say real pirates were awful people but since practically no other pirate movie depicts that why should this one? They sound like worthy successors to the Pirates of Penzance.

      1. This is a gentleman who has gone wrong. Maybe his example encourages others to go the same way?

  2. I’m definitely less bothered by anachronistic costuming in shows like this one, that very obviously telegraph their anachronism through dialogue/humor/soundtrack (as opposed to the recent slate of BBC shows that retain a veneer of ~period drama prestige~ while having wildly incorrect costumes (and just details more generally) that could actually shape viewers’ perception of history). I agreed with you, though, that more accurate costumes could actually help with characterization in this case, especially with Stede’s suits! That said, though, I hadn’t realized how short the time frame the costumers had to work with, so I’m impressed with what they were able to accomplish.

    Also, more generally, I just had a blast with this show. I had no idea (SPOILER) that I needed a naval takeover scene soundtracked by Fleetwood Mac until I watched this!

    1. Yeah, I love what Ed did with his hair. Jury’s still out on the purple dyed beard. Purple beard?

  3. I’m so excited to read this review, Vincent! I’ve followed you on Tumblr and Instagram for a couple of years and your blog posts have been a great help to me in getting into historical menswear! I love the detail you’ve gone into here. (I haven’t actually seen the show yet but I don’t mind about spoilers.)

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