20 thoughts on “Frock Flicks Free-for-All December

  1. So Blood, Sex and Royalty. WTF did I just watch? Between the headband French Hoods, the modern music, and the atrocious modern slang, I lasted about 5 mins!

      1. Send my thanks to Kendra for braving through it for us! I tried watching it, lasted about 15 minutes

  2. It’s December! I plan on watching some frock flicks adjacent things, namely Jingle Jangle, The Tudor Monastery Farm at Christmas, and The Wartime Farm at Christmas.

    What are other peoples viewing plans?

    1. Yes! Rewatching the historical Farm Christmas episodes is so fun (honestly anything with Ruth Goodman). Watching Christmas-themed documentaries feels festive and educational.

    1. Definitely the Muppets Christmas Carol! Heartwarming story, good songs and the costumes are good! It’s an annual tradition!

    2. Lark Rise to Candleford (Season 2 Episode 1)
      (Entire episode about Christmas – with snow!)

      All Creatures Great and Small (1978) (Season 2 Episode 14)
      (Entire episode about Christmas – with snow at the end)

      Mystery!: Cadfael – The Virgin in the Ice (Season 2 Episode 1)
      (Christmas & Snow Medieval Style!)

      Jamaica Inn (1983 Version) with Jane Seymour, Trevor Eve, etc.
      (Even though I watch this at Halloween, technically takes place from November to January in the early 19th century – including a Christmas Market scene.)

      Music Videos:
      Mediaeval Baebes – Their Christmas-themed album Mistletoe & Wine
      – Videos on Youtube.


  3. A few weeks ago I saw “Till” in theaters, and thinking about it now, costumes and accessories were pretty centered in it. Some of it is part of the script (the movie begins in a Marshall Field’s department store, where the white staff immediately tries to get the Tills to leave) but also Danielle Deadwyler’s face can be collapsing from heartbreak while her clothing looks impeccable. Part of that was probably intentional – even before Emmet’s murder, she seemed like a fashion-conscious woman, but she later armors herself in clothes that white people in the film don’t believe she deserves to own.
    If you’re worried about violent images, the director made the choice to never show violence against Black people onscreen in the film.

  4. A must-watch for me at Christmas (aside from the Grinch) is A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. Now I just have to find my DVD… :)

  5. I am watching Versailles again as I get Netflix every December, usually for The Crown t bring myself to watch that so far. Read too many bad reviews I think, plus I can’t stand Charles and I read it is sympathetic to him. Anyway I love Versailles and the articles in the archives here. I had forgotten how enjoyable this show is and the theme song is mesmerizing and is the only theme song I never skip.

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