13 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Costume Recap & Podcast: Season 6, Episode 5

  1. Edith really rocks it in the evening wear for her date with Bertie, the future marquess. Gosh, if she marries him, her rank will be higher than Mary’s.*snicker*
    Typo on Mary & Tom. His name’s Branson, not Brandon.

  2. I’m glad you guys are doing costume recaps, because I always thought Downton was a well costumed show, but I couldn’t stand the characters.

  3. I definitely freaked out at the dinner scene! I was so shocked. I yelled “oh my God!” Then “what the fuck!” I think this scene has to be at the top of surprises/shocks in movies and TV.

    As for the outfits, the evening wear is stunning. Edith has some great evening wear looks, that coat! I love her aqua and gold combos. The black beaded outfit Mary has on is gorgeous and I love her hair accessory. Edith has been wearing some great hair accessories as well.

    1. And isn’t it nice to see Edith finally looking glowy and chic? (Apart from the straps on that one outfit; I didn’t know ’20s businesswomen wore backpacks…)

      Mary is the real shocker, though: applying lipstick in public, drinking–albeit Sherry or something–in a pub. I do enjoy the idea that as she and Tom become closer, they start dressing similarly.

    1. I agree it was shocking, but this quote from the article you linked is much more appalling: One antique which did not manage to escape Lord Grantham’s ulcer, however: Cora’s dress. “It was very, very tough for costume department, because Elizabeth’s dress was vintage lamé, and they had no duplicates because we didn’t expect it to hit her. They had to clean it up between takes and, as they cleaned it, it started to disintegrate.”

      1. I hear you, but — even wearing a vintage dress and just standing still creates wear (just from body oils), let alone moving and sweating in it. So, I think then we need to debate whether it’s okay to use vintage clothing for movies/film/theater. My thought is, if it’s museum-worthy, it should be in a museum. Otherwise, it’s fair game.

        1. I agree with you. And if worn in movies and TV, vintage dress needs ‘stunt double’ to prevent what happened to Cora’s gorgy vintage lame dress. Hope they paid for it.

      2. Yep, you always run that risk with vintage — so either don’t use it & just put it on a shelf, in a museum, somewhere out of touch, or accept that if it’s going to be used (in a film/tv/theater production or for everyday or special occasions), it WILL get ruined somehow.

        Use means damage, either from simple human contact or from unexpected accidents, from stage blood to sudden rainstorms on the way to the set / event, you name it.

  4. My ONE WISH for the end of the series was that somebody was going to neaten up the back of Mary’s hair, but no such luck.

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