7 thoughts on “Costume Designer Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. I did not know that The Professor And The Madman had been made into a movie! I read the book recently and it is a WILD RIDE.

  2. I LOVED the entire look of the movie version of Brideshead Revisited. I also liked the look of Becoming Jane, though it’s been forever since I’ve seen it, and I’d totally forgotten that Maggie Smith was in it. Her work looks exquisite. I only made it through about 5 minutes of Love and Friendship and also The Wind That Shakes the Barley, but now I want to give them both another try. Also, I’ve wanted to see the movie about the OED since I learned of it; I’ll have to hunt it down, Am I the only one getting Dirty Dancing Baby and Johnny vibes from that picture from Jimmy’s Hall? Thanks for another great WCW!

  3. “Love & Friendship” is the weakest of the films costumewise. Some costumes even of the main characters were bad fitting and I didn’t like the mix of regency (1800s) and 1780s costumes especially because there was no explenation for that in the film itself. When I watched it in the cinema I thought that they had a very low budget for costumes and lost all money to get Kate Beckinsale.

    1. “Love & Friendship” is a great fun movie! But I too thought the fit of some costumes was not so good. Especially the men.

  4. Eimer Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh … How on Earth do you pronounce that? I like her work though, both pretty and authentic.

    1. @roxana nee-VALE-down-ig. All Irish female surnames start with Ní. It means daughter of X family. You also need to then add a H after the first letter. Mh has a Vee sound in Irish.

      1. I knew Ni meant Daughter. Vale down ig is quite sayable. But definitely not what any non Gaelic speaker would expect. I don’t think the latin alphabet goes particularly well with Gaelic. Or Welsh for that matter.

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