5 thoughts on “Catherine the Great – Recap Episode 4

  1. I didn’t stick though. I love Helen Mirren but she was too old for this role. And Jason Clarke looked utterly ridiculous in his wigs. Imaging them having sex was just gross.

  2. I actually fell asleep during this episode after slogging through the first three. I’l go back and rewatch, thanks!
    Sadly this was show not the Herstory we wanted to see, but if there are fancy dresses, Helen Mirren and palaces- I’m a sucker for punishment!

  3. Catherine wasn’t wrong about Paul though, was she? Marie seems to have managed to be happy with him, somehow, but eventually he was put down like a mad dog, with Alexander’s knowledge if not support.

  4. Paul and his father were both awful. But how much of that was actions like Catherine’s and Elizabeta’s where they just took the heir to the throne from the actual parents? Maybe Catherine’s death saved Alexander from being also totally screwed up.

    What’s with all the rouge on Maria Feodorovna’s face? Seems a little much for the era.

  5. A legitimate point. Having your caretaker literally at war with your parents has got to mess up a kid. Alexander had his own issues but they weren’t serious enough to impact his government.

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