12 thoughts on “Catherine the Great – Recap Episode 2

    1. They are lovely, those tricorns and girly uniforms, and one always enjoys Helen and Gina. The rest of it–well, I got to see episodes early when I was in England last month, and actually felt boredom creeping in, even though I’ve been interested in C the G since I was a teenager. The transitions between Epic Sweep and Intimate Drama just did not work, and I couldn’t figure out what Catherine saw in the guy playing Potemkin, who was reputedly a fascinating person, sort of fire to her earth.

  1. So basically Helen Mirren looks marvelous – of course. And Russian history is totally trashed. Also all her men are meh.

  2. All I remember about Potemkin was the story that he took the Empress on a carriage tour of what were supposed to be houses that hew had built, but were in fact empty shells, hence the phrase “Potemkin village.” Also there was a battleship named after him. There was film by Sergei Eisenstein and scored by Shostakovich about the mutiny on board the ship, which was regarded as a significant act in the Revolution.

  3. I’m also there for the costumes and Helen Mirren. But I’m strangely sort of liking it. Definitely not in the way I absolutely loved Gentleman Jack, but more of a guilty pleasure or habit.

  4. It made no sense last week, sounds as though that trend continues. I’m bummed that it’s a mess.

  5. The best I can see here is the picture of Catherine on horseback, although I doubt, that the old Catherine (70+) still rode in her Military costumes.

  6. Why does it seem so difficult to have costume dramas that have both good costumes and a compelling plot? It feels like it’s always one or the other

  7. I’m so mad this show it’s trash.

    Also, a quickie perusal of the internet suggests Potemkin didn’t have a thing to do with Pugachev.

  8. If I pretend the whole thing is based on a Philippa Gregory novel—with far better costumes. Going in knowing it’s a piece of trash makes it far easier to digest!

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