8 thoughts on “Catherine the Great – Recap Episode 3

  1. And I had such hopes about this show! Now I’ll just read your review and and laugh sadly and not watch it myself.

    I started watching the new Vanity Fair recently and so far I’ve been delighted by the acting and some of the costumes and how well the plot follows the book.

  2. The less said about the cliche-ridden,unidimensional plot the better.But the designer seems particularly fond of that one particular loose robe style and those sleeves.The repetitive costume designs paired with the generic 18th century wigs on the ladies end up making the costumes looking too theatrical.
    As a 16 year old who is particularly interested in studying historical fashion,Frock flicks is like a guilty pleasure for me now(more of pleasure part,though).I am NOT particularly fond of flicks,but terribly picky in their technical aspects(subpar cinematography and costumes grate against my eyes),so your reviews are a golden opportunity to read for the frocks getting snarked.

  3. “The fact that the right side of Catherine’s robe is always flipped back behind her pannier is like this thing I’ve continually noticed in the show.”

    Is Helen Mirren right handed? I wonder if she keeps elbowing it back when she is moving around and they just end up leaving it that way?

  4. Very nice writing. I wish you the strengh to see the last episode. And we will hope that there will not come a second season. Although if there will be a second season, it maybe will be your fault, because all of us will watch the first season to learn, if your review is right.

    The costumes are still looking OK, although I don’t like the mix of modern (on the new wife of the too handsome looking Paul) and old looking garments (the sleeves of that red pêt-en-l’air). I think that 1770s Fashion is interesting enough to get it right.

  5. I don’t know much about the real Catherine the Great… but was she a milksop romantic fool like this show makes her out to be? I had the image of a bad-ass in my head, not a woman mooning around court who just “wants to be loved.”

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