6 thoughts on “Appreciating Those Who Served on This Veterans Day

  1. MUST. HAVE. THE COMPLETE. SHARPE SERIES! I just love Sean Bean.
    And let’s not forget “Master and Commander” with a salt-encrusted Russell Crowe and scruffy Paul Bettany (he’s a spy, so he counts as a military man); loved that movie, even though it deviates from the books.

  2. Be still my beating heart, I love all of those! There’s just something about a man in a uniform isn’t there? Here are a few of my favorites…

    Richard Gere in Yanks –

    Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine in The Duelists –

    Sean Bean (again) in Anna Karenina –

    Michael Fassbender – Inglorious Basterds –

    And Ciaran Hinds in Persuasion –

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