4 thoughts on “An Ode to the Ovation Network

  1. I got the satellite. What I don’t got itsanything on PPV. So I don’t see GoT or any other new stuff until it goes to the regular cable sources. I refuse to pay to watch TV I’m already paying to watch. But yes, Ovation is certainly on my top list.

  2. Except Ovation edits and cuts shows to make room for commercials. They show the ’95 P&P in one hour time slots and cut 10-15 minutes out of each episode. And when they show musicals they cut the musical numbers down too. I remember trying to watch ‘White Christmas’ a couple years ago and all the songs were missing.

    1. Well yes it IS a commercial network, hence commercials. That doesn’t negate the fact that this is one of the few places people can find historical costume movies & TV shows on basic cable. Otherwise, you have to pay for streaming w/Netflix or Amazon, buy DVDs, or what? Illegal bit torrents?

      How are you watching these movies & shows? What non-premium channels show them in full w/out commercials? We’d love to hear!

  3. I found the Ovation channel just a few weeks before the date that I had scheduled to cut the cord. I was devastated because this is exactly my kind of channel. Like Trystan I thought, “This is like what A & E used to be.” I really miss cable TV, but I just couldn’t justify its skyrocketing expense. Trystan’s original post is several years old now, and I cut the cord around the time of her post. I truly hope that Ovation is still a “good” channel that hasn’t devolved into reality-TV foolishness. I watch my Frock Flicks on Netflix and by checking out DVDs through my library. I have recently subscribed to other services through my library–Kanopy and Hoopla, but I have yet to watch any Frock Flicks on them.

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