10 thoughts on “And the Frock Flicks 2016 Oscar Goes to…

  1. My votes (in no particular order):Carol, The Danish Girl, Far from the Madding Crowd, Trumbo, Suffragette.


  2. Okay, okay….I voted for five. But the only one I REALLY vote for is Crimson Peak. All the others are blah in comparison.

    1. We’ll be posting a podcast interview with her at some point… We recorded it last fall, but for various reasons (namely, my shitty recording equipment), it took us a while to get it up to listenable standards.

  3. I can’t be the only person who’s upset that Mad Max won the best costume oscar. Out of the nominees, I though it should have Been Cinderella-sure the costumes weren’t anything super unconventional of original, but they were so well done and so beautiful.

  4. I was shocked, disappointed, angry when MM won. What was the Academy thinking? The beauty of Sandy Powell’s Cinderella, the sheer Pre-Raphaelite-ness of Ruth Myers’ Effie Grey, Paco Delgado’s Danish Girl, the red gown in Kate Hawley’s Crimson Peak. And they chose merde. Don’t understand why. I might give up on watching them.

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