8 thoughts on “A Woman’s Life Gets Arty Filmmaking Right

  1. Haven’t seen it. But will try to find it. But the costumes seem to convey Jeanne’s mood, money & social class really well.

  2. Read the novel, and when you say it’s not the typical happy ending love-romance story of a young baroness, well to say the least, sometimes the story gets so painfully real that I wanted to throw out the window the book! If the most brutal story line is portrayed in the film too, then I don’t recommend it for animal protectors at all! But about costume accuracy, the story starts in 1819, when the almost 18 years old baroness is going home from seminary, and at the end of the novel she’s an old lady trying to navigate in a brand new Paris, changed wholy by industrial revolution. In the novel clothing plays a big part, the way Jeanne looses everything her wardrobe changes a lot too. But, a few decades ago there was a TV flick adaptation (french I guess) of this novel with wonderful biedermeier clothing!

      1. According to Kendra’s reply, there’s no animal brutality in the movie, but I don’t understand why they cut out the Paris scenes? No budget for early 19th century city view CGI?

  3. As I scrolled down to the first pic of Jeanne and her father, my immediate thought was, “Hairpins! Yay!!” You’ve ruined me for watching historical dramas, ruined me! :)

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