6 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Hedy Lamarr

  1. I would have to say perforce “Samson and Delilah,” because it’s the only one I remember seeing at the time. As to the rest, I sweated out the Cuban Missile Crisis while serving in the USAF in Florida, so I have something else to remember from that time than Krushchev. Hedy was definitely prettier.

      1. It was tense. We watched the 101st Airborne roll in ready to deploy. We didn’t know the whole story for a long time afterward. And few people really understood Krushchev. He was one of the defenders at Stalingrad, and knew damned well what war was about. The latest information is that he really didn’t want to push things to the limit. He paid the price at home. Got screwed on all fronts — no state funeral, none of the perks of other retired heads of gov’t.

  2. When worlds collide – the CTO at my company often likes to mention Hedy Lamarr’s invention when he explains how wireless connectivity works. Over the summer, when we had a bunch of college-age interns, they didn’t know who he was talking about tho. Kids these days!

  3. My favourite Hedy Lamarr film is Comrade X with Clark Gable. She plays a Russian streetcar driver, Theodore. Gable a reporter. It’s pure fun.

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