15 thoughts on “WCW: Tracey Ullman

  1. One could make a solid case that her fabulous Mod look in the the “They Don’t Know” video (1983) also merits inclusion on this list [https://youtu.be/f9un119lq4c]

    1. I don’t remember her in Wolf Hall and cannot find any mention that she was in the series. Who did she play?

  2. Tracey Ullman was hysterically funny as Aunt Maggie in the video of the “radio” show, What About Dick? Her 40s era gown was fab!

  3. When I see that picture of her as Betty Friedan and the other women in the shot, I am reminded once again that the 1970s were a period of really horrendous clothing. I was there and yes they were as awful as this picture implies.

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