6 thoughts on “WCW: Rose Leslie

  1. I think she’s good in most everything I’ve seen her in, but I’m wondering if she sets up contracts so that she won’t have to cut or alter her hair at all, even in period movies? Understandable, her hair is lovely, but it is one of the most distracting details to get wrong, especially for the 20s and 30s! It reminds me of Lily Collins, who keeps her trademark eyebrows untouched even in the (mediocre) Last Tycoon, where she’s playing a 1930s glamor girl whose brows would surely have been a quarter of the size.

  2. Why doesn’t “Game of Thrones” count as a frock flick? It’s set somewhere in a distant British past.

    1. Except it’s not literally supposed to be historical Britain, but is set in a fantasy world. It’s totally a fantasy frock flick! Just not a historical one.

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