9 thoughts on “WCW: Kirsten Dunst

  1. Seen most of them.

    My only beef with her version of Little Women (which is my absolute favorite) is that after such a charismatic little Amy, they cast a bland, non-charismatic older Amy. It’s hard to wrap my mind around how Amy went from scene stealing to background noise — Dunst had such presence, I missed her when she grew up into someone else. :P

  2. Her turn in “Interview” really impressed me. How a child could portray the sexual knowingness of an adult woman was fascinating, and none of her later work disappointed. It wasn’t a period piece, bur her role in Fargo was also first-rate.

  3. Wait, wait Mona Lisa Smile, she was in that one too!
    She played the character who finds out that all the traditional marriage stuff is actually horrible and stifling, and had some really great character development. She went from Uber-Bitch at the beginning to Independent Woman in the end.
    (Plus she shacks up with Maggie Gyllenhaal, which is when they realize that they’re totally in love with each other and finally get together …….. wait, I think that only happened in my imagination. Whoops)

    1. Yes! I came here to mention Mona Lisa Smile! She’s fantastic in that (the whole cast is fantastic, really), and all the fifties fashion is to die for.

  4. I was surprised that she is younger in age than I had thought, and also that she had a baby yesterday apparently–

  5. The Cat’s Meow is one of my favorite movies! I love the black and white color palate, and Joanna Lumley’s character’s hats!

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