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  1. Marian in the woman in white is the independent woman sort of character. They main male hero, though, is an artist.

  2. I loved “I’d Do Anything,” and I thought the actress who won was great, but I’m happy to see both Jessie Buckley and Samantha Barks thriving. The Courier was interesting, although I’m not sure why they made Rachel Brosnahan’s character an American.

  3. I think that Chernobyl is worthy of being an exception to your cut-off date for reviews. The designers put a great deal of work into getting the look and feel of 1980s USSR, and as you’ve mentioned elsewhere (WCW for Emily Watson) it is a very good and important miniseries.

    And I know it’s definitely not a Frock Flick, but I was very impressed with Jessie Buckley’s performance in “I’m Thinking of Ending Things”

  4. Agreed, Chernobyl is an exceptional series. I first saw Jessie in War & Peace (which I still love even though the costumes are cringe), and I was so happy to see her getting a lot more roles after her wonderful performance!

    Sadly, The Woman in White goes off the rails when they introduce sexual tension between Marian and Count Fosco, who is supposed to be MUCH older and definitely not a hottie.

  5. I’m binging Endeavour now and just watched her episode a few nights ago. She was good. She was also good in what I saw of the Woman and White – I only caught some of it on live TV. Gotta see the whole thing, but she was good in that too. I really want to see Misbehaviour. The score to the film (available through Hoopla) is awesome. Will it be released in the States?

    I don’t know why exactly but this line tickles my soul: “You just KNOW there were Morris dancers in this.” YES. I agree!!

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