8 thoughts on “WCW: Jennifer Garner

  1. Jennifer Garner has a decent Beehive in Catch Me If You Can! The hair and makeup in Pearl Harbor bugged me too! Too glam! I don’t think rationing had hit the US yet, so they all should be wearing stockings!

  2. I’ve always appreciated how down to earth she seems. I’ve only seen Catch Me If You Can (enjoyed it). LOVE her dress in the still from Cyrano. Don’t know how accurate, but those colors sing.

  3. I completely forgot, or maybe didn’t realize, Jennifer Garner was Clara in Dead Man’s Walk.

    She was delightful in Catch Me if You Can. And now I need to see Washington Square!

  4. I really enjoyed her in Cyrano. That was a good production overall. In the picture from Rose Hill she looks like a dead ringer for Ione Skye. I had no idea she had so many Frock Flick credits to her name.

    1. I watched Zoya a few years back and it wasn’t bad. It’s just that movie you watch because there’s nothing else on tv except game shows and soap opera reruns

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