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  1. I remember watching that version of “Macbeth” in 10th grade. My teacher handled that unit badly, and implied that she never saw the adaptation she chose for us before showing it in class.

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see Annis was in “Cranford.” That show left a much better impression on me

  2. I’ve adored Francesca Annis from the moment she first played Lillie in Edward VIII. I also remember her playing Jackie Kennedy in a TV movie where Jane Seymour played Maria Callas. Sorry that I missed her playing Gertrude to Ralph Fiennes Hamlet on Broadway but I did see them in the audience when I went to see a play at the Royal Court Theatre. She was wearing these red and white amazing tights that looked like the ones the witch is wearing in the Wizard of Oz, the one who has the house fall on her.

  3. Francesca Annis is wonderful in everything, but I especially love her in her two Elizabeth Gaskell roles, Cranford and of course Wives and Daughters!

  4. Oooh I knew I recognized her from somewhere–Jane Eyre! She was great. :) Now I want to watch Cleopatra to see her.

  5. I love her in everything I’ve seen her in, especially Lillie and the two Gaskell series she did.

    1. Feel the same way about Dune! She made Lady Jessica’s anguish at losing Duke Leto palpable.

        1. She never looked more beautiful in that movie, both when she was all glamorously coiffed in gowned as the Ducal Concubine in that emerald green space gown, and also when she was all ferally sexy, red hair tumbling down when she became Sayadina, the Fox.

          1. As an inveterate David Lynch fan, he makes all of his actresses super awesome and shine brilliantly.

  6. I loved her in Lillie. I didn’t know she was Lady Macbeth. I still remember walking out of the theater after seeing Polanski’s Macbeth saying “God, if Shakespeare were alive today, this is exactly as he’d do it’. Thirty-odd years later, I still think that.

  7. I first saw her in Partners in Crime, and immediately I wanted to be her and/or Tuppence. I was totally enamored with those glamorous 1920s fashions and the whole world the characters lived in. When I later read the Christie stories I was surprised to find Tuppence such a practical young woman and not the glamorous beauty of the TV adaptations. I still love flapper fashions thanks to this series, and I still love Francesca Annis.

  8. I have VERY fond memories of Tuppence’s fabulous hats. I remember one episode where they were going somewhere and when they were loading their luggage into the car, she just had piles of hatboxes (much to Tommy’s dismay).

  9. She also gave a marvellous performance in the 1973 BBC series ‘A Pin to See the Peepshow’, based on F. Tennyson Jesse’s thinly-fictionalised account of the Thompson-Bywaters murder case.

  10. I’m a huge fan of hers. My favourite roles she’s done are Lillie, Dune, Wives and Daughters, Cranford and all of the Agatha Christie roles.

    She’s the reason why I can’t get into the Jessica Raine version.

    Also the modern Reckless and Copenhagen. And Under the Cherry Moon with the late Prince.

    And I wish I could have seen her and Fiennes in Hamlet too.

  11. I love her, especially in Lillie, as well as the only Madame Bovary who is watchable (Youtube has it.) Also Wives and Daughters, which is so hard to find online…had to borrow from library, and Cranford.

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