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  1. White Princess and Girl With the Pearl; didn’t know who she was at the time, or I might have watched her more closely. Ned Kelly was a notorious outlaw who wore homemade armour and had a lot of songs written about him. Rolf Harris did one, at least. If you llike funny, slightly bawdy songs from Down Under, he’s your man. Best known for “Tie Me Kangaroo Down.” Anybody seen “Frankie Drake” yet? Some of the clothes and hair are bang-on, but Frankie herself is a bit dubious.

  2. If that’s one of the LEAST stupid outfits in the White Princess just imagine the others. And, why, Queen Elizabeth, are you bareheaded with your hair hanging???

  3. Trystan, you have made my day. I had NO IDEA there was a Phryne Fisher movie coming! I am a little sad that it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to see it on the big screen (“limited North American theatrical release” probably does not mean Austin). This just looks so good though! I can’t wait! I’m bouncing with joy over here!

    1. Probably doesn’t mean Baton Rouge either. But Austin might, after all UT has a good drama department. And you’re only about 90 minutes or less from San Antonio. Maybe they will.

      But my favourite frock she did not including Phryne is Girl With Pearl.

  4. Was anyone else annoyed with all the women backstabbing each other in “The White Princess”? It’s not feminist or cute! I had the same problem in “Maleficent Mistress of Evil”
    which came out a few weeks ago! But I digress!

  5. Several point:

    1) She really is luminously beautiful. Like one of the best looking women on the planet.

    2) HOLY SHIT! A Phryne Fisher movie!

    3) is there possibly a better name than ‘Dolly Pickles’?
    3a) look at what a fucking sex bomb she is in that red dress!

  6. Although it’s somewhat afield of historical costume drama, I highly recommend any Essie Davis fan check her out in the episode “Human Is” from the series “Electric Dreams.” Although it’s Sci-Fi genre, that episode hinges on emotion and a complex relationship between Davis’ character and her husband who is superbly played by Brian Cranston. There’s some highly-charged sex scenes, so don’t go there if you’re fragile. I could handle it. The performances are so powerful that I’ve watched that episode several times. I think the series can be seen on Netflix.

    I also adored her character in Game of Thrones.

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