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  1. I have to say I don’t like her. She only seems to have one expression, which is annoyance. She broke that in the first few seconds of Emma, but she never appears to be happy. I find it so annoying that I cannot watch anything she’s in. Peaky Blinders was a chore, and I ended up skipping around her scenes. I seem to be the lone person who doesn’t like her, so I will crawl off into my corner.

    1. I hope it’s a corner big enough for two! AJ-T doesn’t ring bells for me either. I admit I haven’t done due diligence and watching all these films, but 2-3 min. trailers have convinced me she is another in the mold of Keira Knightley and Kristen Stewart (which I also avoid). Their only affect seems to be mad/annoyed or completely flat. These young actresses are seemingly used for EVERYthing… for a while. Until they’re no longer the baby, fresh-faced maiden, and then they sort of drift away. Bc they’re not very good actresses, imho. But they’re obvsly some older mens fantasy material: pretty, but not very experienced. As in, they don’t know how to say “no!” and mean it.

    1. My main thoughts when seeing her is “yay, wide spaced eyes!*” When I saw The Miniaturist, “dang, her skin’s translucent” was a close second.

  2. It’s a small point but I do think the nursing veil she’s wearing in the Radioactive image is pushed too far back showing way too much hair. I think completely covering the hair is the whole point of that particular headdress.

  3. She’s 24, she’s just baby-faced. Also about a month ago they had a WCW for Anastasia Romanov, who was murdered at the age of 17, which seems worse if we’re thinking about it that way.

    But anyway I’ve always been under the impression that WCW and MCM entries aren’t necessarily about thirsting over people. Sometimes it’s just an excuse to write about an actor they admire or a historical figure they find interesting, and the ‘crush’ part isn’t meant literally.

    1. I found emma dissapointing. I think I mainly watched for a the outfits. in paper the cast should have been fab but ended up jsut being a bit meh, the frocks were the only thing retaining my interest by the end

  4. First saw her in The VVitch (which I loved) and I’m definitely a fan. I’ve been parceling out episodes of Queens Gambit because I want to make it last.

  5. The Miniaturist was excellent.

    However, I must disagree on your provisional assessment of Viking Quest. Nothing in her costume in that image looks remotely historically accurate. Please snark it and shred it. :)

  6. She is certainly everywhere,and in exquisitely costumed productions at that.I wonder how her hair is able to take so much dyeing for every role.

  7. she’s gorgeous and i love her but that bald cap in atlantis does sad things to the shape of her head haha

  8. I agree Sarah….I love Queen’s Gambit (and its reignited my love of Chess that I even paid a subscription to Chess.com). I really like Anya Taylor-Joy. She also seems the kind of thinking actress. In a recent interview she was saying her favourite thing is to curl up with a book – something I can heartily agree with.

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