11 thoughts on “Top Five 18th-Century Men’s Outfits in Frock Flicks

  1. They’re WAY over-the-top, but I really love the heavily-embellished costumes Danilo Donati made for Donald Sutherland as the title character in FELLINI’S CASANOVA. You showed them in great detail in the profile on Donati you did a while back, and the level of work that went into those blew me away!

  2. The “Amadeus” suit is crap. The coat is pulled back too much, has no buttonholes and the fabric is butt-ugly. And these suits would have matching breeches. I suspect they were missing in the Kyoto museum’s example.
    If they manage to hit on a non-sophomoric costume in the wretched film, it was a happy accident.
    Same is true for “Valmont”.
    Pistek sux!
    (Next I shall tell you how I really feel.)

  3. The Hunger (1983) is such a good, weird film. The opening is one of favorite openings to a film – ever.

    And I remembered disparaging remarks about the costumes in Amadeus, but as far as I’m concerned, all is forgiven with filmmaking of that level.

  4. Up until the ever regretted introduction of shapeless trousers in the mid 19th century women were the leg watchers, eying muscular thighs and shapely calves with just appreciation and did men ever enjoy them looking!

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