16 thoughts on “The Law According to Lidia Poët (2023)

  1. I’ve only watched the first episode but I want every single outfit that she wore in that one. The costumes are absolutely stunning and I love the insect brooches.

    1. There’s a fanfiction idea right there, “The Question of the Missing Bustles.”

  2. I enjoyed the costumes but I’d like to know why Lidia has black dots at the outer corners of her eyes? I didn’t see them on anyone else. I loved the jewelry!!

      1. It’s an amusing idea and very well could be a reference, but there was also a good amount of insect-themed jewelry in the 1880s, including a very brief fad for live iridescent beetles worn as “living jewelry.”
        That dragonfly brooch shown in one framecap looks pretty accurate for the period, and actual pieces aren’t hard to find.

  3. I’ve watched the whole thing… and adored the clothing. I really liked that she re-wears her outfits and her hats in different episodes, like a ‘normal’ [albeit quite a wealthy] person.

    I hope there’s a second season as well.

  4. Halfway through this show and I agree with everything above! I was also so impressed by the menswear (Proper detachable collars! Not every hat is a bargain bin top hat!) and the fact that grown women not only wear their hair up, but wear it in period appropriate updos with combs. If I had to nitpick, I’d say that the costumes read much more 1893 than 1883 from the skirt and sleeve shapes and the menswear-inspired styles, and that characters occasionally wear fabulous and intricate pieces that are obviously vintage…but equally obviously from ca. 1900-1910.

  5. My only complaint: Where’s all the Bustles! This is the Middle of the 2nd Bustle era! The costumes read 1890s!

  6. I’m not particularly knowledgeable but I loved Lidia’s look and costumes, even though probably no one ever changed clothes so often, haha. Matilda is very beautiful and so is her dress! Writers mentioned bustles, I noticed some other character in an episode with what looked like one as she entered a doorway viewed from the rear.

  7. Two episodes in, and while this is a very well written, sublimely acted, and gorgeously shot drama, yes it’s the costumes that hit like a truck. Historical accuracy might be slightly off, but it’s close enough, but as a visual feast it’s extraordinary! My highlight has to be her cape from episode 2, the opium den scene – it’s a clever trick item, looks like a layered jacket in yellow and sky blue and purple, but it’s a cape, and it’s got fabulous striking silhouettes. Love it!

  8. Do you know anything about the earrings? Are they antique, or did they work with a designer(s)? I’ve been searching everywhere for info on the bee earrings and I can’t find anything.

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