14 thoughts on “TBT: Brigadoon (1954)

  1. Didn’t the movie remove the whole subplot about the sexy village wench who seduces the other dude? Or maybe they just took out her song about how sex is “the real love of her life”. Either way, total ripoff

    1. Yup, removed from the movie! I think they were filmed & are available on some soundtrack & DVD versions (they weren’t in the version I watched on TMC tho — that was the shorter theatrical release).

    2. They not only cleaned up Meg, they changed the best line in “My Mother’s Wedding Day”—originally “I ought to know, for I was there”—to remove Meg’s illegitimacy.

  2. My mom was in the chorus of a local production of Brigadoon when I was pretty young. I loved every minute of it, but one song had me very confused. My mother had two older sisters, Bonnie and Jean, and I wondered why one man on stage wanted to go home with both of my aunts, who already had husbands of their own.

    This movie is one of my favorites, though. Gene Kelley is my most enduring Hollywood crush, and Cyd Charisse has always been one of my standards for grace and elegance.

  3. Wasn’t there a televised version with Bob Goulet, Sally Anne Howe’s & Peter Falk? That one had the other sexy wench seducing Falk.

    1. I have vague memories of a tv production …. the movie is horrible (save for the Gene Kelly dances) – but as a staged play, it has wonderful charm and a delightful score. “My Mother’s Wedding Day” – the song cut from the movie version – is a hoot. Early Lerner and Lowe. There are so many 50s movie musicals that just make one wince.

  4. The MGM head was the biggest prude and Mommy’s boy ever born. He was also a lover of corny shit like this and went full out on sterotypes all the time, despite being an immigrant himself. I can barely watch MGM films anymore after reading so many books about his weirdo tastes and fetishes…and hate musicals in part thanks to him lol.

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