18 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: TV Sleepy Hollow’s Katrina

  1. I don’t actually watch the show, but I do remember reading that the Victorian corset was actually for when Katrina is transported to modern day. She finds it and chooses it for her new, contemporary outfit, maybe because it reminds her of the past? Not 100% on that bit but I am pretty sure that the Victorian corset was specifically for a modern day look.

    1. Yes, you’re right. When Katrina is transported to the modern day, she ends up in the hospital. Ichabod and Abby find some clothes for Katrina in the hospital lost and found. Then mention something about the corset being left behind by a goth teenager. Presumably, they chose it for Katrina because it is reminiscent of her era. Ichabod also has an aversion to modern clothing, and has a local reenactor make new duds for him in the 18th century style he’s used to.

  2. Does she get brownie points for wearing a cotton gauze chemise w/ elastic cuffs and satin ribbon trimming in pic #4 (worn under the beige dress)?

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the actress or someone else who asked to have her hair down versus the costume designer’s choice to have it down in those scenes. That sort of styling might be something that people beside the designer could influence. And some people might think having their hair down makes them look more glamorous.

    And yes, as mentioned above, the Victorian corset is worn in modern scenes, not in the 18th C scenes.

    Some of the worst 18th C costumes look like off the rack costume stock to me. Probably had to be used due to time and budget. Although I agree, still very snark-able.

  4. I admit I love this show, it’s entertaining and that’s why I watch it. Plus every week we can bonus-snark Katrina.

    However this week’s episode she actually wore a rather nice modern little black dress while Ichabod was still whining about modern clothing and wore his hair up in a bun–which for the majority of the show we kept wondering if we were being punked because it looked like a french twist.

  5. I’m still puzzling over the weird hats the militia were wearing in one episode. They looked like nothing military until the 19th century Hardee hat. As to Katrina’s Puritan outfit, the Puritans were out of the picture by the end of the 17th century. Their descendants today are the Congregationalists.

  6. I watch the show religiously and I have to admit that even I who are normally unruffled by costume accuracy was a little bothered by some of her dresses. Though maybe it was her bottle red hair that made me cringe lol :)

  7. Yes, Adam! Bothers me, too. Well, I hope you’re all happy: Katrina is dead, never to be seen again, except maybe in flashbacks. The sadistic souls writers are, they’ve also killed off Juliette in Grimm. Boo! Hiss!

  8. The modern Victorian corset story is hilarious! Well, in this case Puimond is a really good choice (I own one)) Although the movie logic is still doubtful: if this is a modern corset, why is it distressed? Also, it is too fancy for a goth teenager who would rather wear an Ebay corset top, and certainly not a thing you can leave behind… :)

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