29 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: The Moon and the Sun (2015)

  1. I have 3 teenage daughters and we play in the SCA. (Gryphon’s Lair, hi, Tulia!). The reactions were priceless. The 19 year old went simple, with “what the HELL?”. The almost-15 went geeky… ” Error 404: Costuming dept not found”

    1. Yeah, but in Reign’s defense it’s a tacky teenage soap opera on the CW. This is… a… movie? (Or maybe I should put air quotes around “movie,” because I’m not sure what the hell this thing is.)

  2. I am sooooo sorry i saw this. I can only hope that i will forget soon, and not see trailers for it at the movie theater.

  3. 1. I did not know this was a thing.
    2. After seeing these pictures I understand why I did not know this was a thing.
    3. I will probably see it anyway, because Kaya Scodelario is lovely and train wrecks are fun.

  4. Ouch ouch why.
    Yes, I get the fantasy thing. But my definitions of fantasy-historical dress are totally not this. (Man, you can go extra wild with many things in this era, SPECIALLY THE FROUFROU. And if you want to make the mermaid and the good guys look simple, you can do so too without resorting to bad prom dresses)
    But really, Pierce Brosnan as Louis XIV makes me think he is Prince Adam’s (of Beauty and the Beast) older and less classy cousin.

    1. Still, I decided I am going to read the book (I dig scifi and fantasy and it has a Nebula award, so it cannot be half-bad). And maybe it inspires me to do a thing.

  5. Oh man, I loved that book so this makes me really sad :-( Honestly, that frou-frou dress looks like an entry from the annual toilet-paper wearable arts awards we have here (yes, it’s a thing: http://www.nzfashiontech.ac.nz/paperdresses/)

    And PB just looks messy as Louis. Wouldn’t the Sun King have had hair people, and assistant hair people, and assistants to the assistant hair people? Let’s not get started on the 90s prom dresses. Ugh, just ugh.

  6. The crying shame is that the author KNEW her costuming. There are details in the book about wigs and why only a soldier might be seen with his natural hair, and fontanges, and robes battantes, and ballet/masque costumes…it makes me want to tear my hair out that THIS is how they’ve brought it to the screen.

    Read the book, though. It’s a delight.

  7. Don’t you feel that any movie that had the temerity to film a Louis XIV story, actually on location at Versailles, with costumes that look as if they were culled from a bad Eighties music video should be looking over their shoulders for Sun King vengeance?

  8. Designer haas few historic credits. Movie listed as a fantasy. Expected results.
    I do not know what production/directors continue to hire folks with no sense of history beyond 1900…sigh!

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