16 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Mary, Queen of Fabric Scraps

  1. What irritates me the most about MQOS’s costumes in this series are her tacky, Claire’s Accessories-style headdresses!

  2. Why didn’t they remember that MoS mother was a FRENCH PRINCESS. A DE GUISE. Did they want to out-Reign Reign?

  3. The “Christmas” gown just needs to be off the shoulder and it would pass as an early 90s Holiday Barbie dress.

  4. Thankfully I was too busy being impressed by how delightfully tall, sleekit and deliciously bonkers this Mary Queen of Scots was – the actress struck me as fit for HORRIBLE HISTORIES, which I consider a supreme compliment when applied to a darkly comic take on a historic person.

    I’m really, really hoping we can get a spin-off showing an investigation of the murder of Henry Stuart, King Consort, that builds to the reasonably-plausible conclusion that the former Lord Darnley was murdered by half the Scottish Establishment (and the other half seem to have showed up to munch whatever early modern Scots noshed on in place of popcorn).

    We’ve had so many High Romance Mary Queen of Scots flicks that a dark, dark comedy would probably be a nice change of pace.

    1. I agree with you. Practically everybody hated King Henry while he was alive. If his murder hadn’t been so blatantly and insultingly obvious and if Mary hadn’t so clearly been in bed, literally, with the chief suspect she could have gotten away with it.

      1. In all fairness to Her Grace, (A) she wasn’t necessarily bedded down with Bothwell of her own free will and (B) the Scottish nobility of the period was so inveterately treacherous they quite literally gave lessons to Westeros – Mr GRR Martin having gone on record about having borrowed quite liberally from Scottish history, amongst other places.

  5. Also, if you think I’m above ‘borrowing’ the name GUNPOWDER, TREASON AND PLOT for this hypothetical period piece, you are Dead Wrong.

    1. I swear, next Snark Week, I will get off my butt & do a full takedown of Gunpowder, Treason, & Plot because I hatehatehate that show! It’s crap history, crap costuming, just terrible.

      1. I can just barely remember watching it in the year if it’s release, but have never seen it since – must see if I can rectify that, at some point.

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