18 thoughts on “What the Frock Wednesday – Renaissance Unchained

  1. Oh, this is from Waldemar Januzczak! I’ve actually heard good things about the documentary, just haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but I’ve enjoyed a lot of his other art history/analysis.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen a couple of his programs; ‘Rococo, Travel, Pleasure, and Madness’ and ‘Baroque – from St. Peter’s to St. Paul’s’. I found the programs interesting. I think the skinny gal in the weird white gown is supposed to be a representation of Spring; I believe you can watch the program without flinging anything at the screen.

  2. I feel the same when I see books supposedly set in the Regency period and the dresses are vaguely Disney princess. Makes me want to throw the book across the room. E-books and large print are notorious for this (of course I can’t throw an e-reader across the room.)

    1. Actually this is pretty much any historical fiction novels. Most books out there would feature women in a dress or outfit that is really not historically accurate to the period it take place. I’m looking at you Anne o Brien…

  3. Idk why I can get you on my tablet and not my smartphone but I agree this looks like a demented bad historical romance cover. I really want to puke, but having just recovered from a bad cough/cold, it might not be a good idea. So I’ll be very childish and stick out my tongue at it.

  4. I will admit that the image almost put me off watching it but I am glad it didn’t because I found the show itself really interesting, along with a lot of the other programs that the host has done.

  5. That is sooooo weird – and total disrepect to a masterpiece by van der Weyden. The documentary itself was pretty good though. I’ll watch anything like that on BBC, and they don’t do weird like that to advertise them.

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