4 thoughts on “Perry Mason (2020-), Chapter Fifteen

  1. I love seeing mid 1930s ordinary clothes! The kind real working people would have worn. Thanks for covering!

  2. I’m so sad this show isn’t coming back! I admired the acting and the wide array of costumes representing different classes/cultures/social positions, and as a long-time Angeleno, I really lived the look at 1930s LA, grime and all.

  3. I can’t be absolutely sure based on the photo, but that jeweled belt buckle looks to me like it’s depicting a typical “reef knot / square knot”. It’s a classic design for belt buckles, in reference to use of actual cords tied this way.

    To me it looks like two double strands forming the “knot” with both shown above the loop on the left and under the loop on the right. (A “thief knot” would present the same way in this design– though there’s a notable difference in an actual knot, as opposed to a buckle that cuts the ends of the strands off evenly where they attach to the belt.)

    Either a “grief knot” or a “granny knot” would have one double strand above the loop and one below the loop, alternating on either side. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see that here.

    BTW, the name “grief knot” has nothing to do with the emotion, and is simply a combination of “granny” and “thief” because it combines features of both.

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