10 thoughts on “MCM: Max Irons

  1. My reaction to Max Irons is the female Ghostbusters initial reaction to Chris Hemsworth when his name was brought up during their appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

  2. I think what makes him cute to me is the floofiness of his hair. It looks like so much fun to tousle out of any state of period-accuracy.

      1. You could do a WCW on his mother, Sinead Cusack! She plays the disapproving mother of Richard Armitage’s character in North and South.

      2. In that last Tutankhamen photo, he is a dead ringer for Daddy in the WW2 segments of Brideshead Revisited. I’d love to see them play opposite each other as father and son, or as the Old vs Young version of a character!

    1. Yeah to Jeremy comparison and yeah to attractive. Seems ridiculously boy-bandish for Edward IV, who was leading armies when he was 19 or something like that, but his 20s and 30s looks are very good. (Sad confession: I still can’t get used to the idea of anything after 1945 as period.)

    2. I pretty much watched The White Queen because he was shirtless so often.

      (okay, and fin,e he was often pantsless too)

  3. He really is dreamy… I haven’t seen much of his work, but when I do see it I think, “I wish he pick better projects.” But, as I said, dreamy.

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