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  1. Sorry to be that reader, but I think the photo from A.D. is Anthony Andrews as Nero. Not sure where Ian McShane is in that photo. He’s one of my favorite actors, always interesting. I still remember watching him in Bare Essence back in the day.

  2. I am not a fan of Westerns, but Deadwood is one of three of my Ian McShane films/roles. The other two are Disraeli and Pillars of the Earth.

  3. Well hello Wuthering Heights pic, I’ll be meeting you again tonight in my dreams.

  4. Among my favorite roles that McShane did in costume flicks are Benjamin Disraeli in “Disraeli”, Al Swearengen in “Deadwood”, Blackbeard in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and Sir Roger Scatcherd in “Doctor Thorne”.

  5. I loved him in Pillars of the Earth. I’m also enjoying hating him in American Gods.

  6. I really think that Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane need to play either brothers or father and son in a movie. They look so much alike sometimes. I loved Ian as Lovejoy and in Deadwood.

    1. Right? I was about to make the same exact comment–and I had never noticed the resemblance before.

      1. Same!! And although it’s not historical, I’ll always love him best as Lovejoy!

  7. Not a historical flick, but he was very good as a young Gypsy in ‘Sky West and Crooked’ with Hayley Mills in 1966.

  8. What a nice way to start my morning!

    I don’t like Western, but I love Deadwood. I’m currently re-watching it in anticipation of th emovie.

  9. Dang! I’m going to have to hunt down that Wuthering Heights, though I think my heart will always belong to Timothy Dalton in that role.

    I have to go with John Wick on this one. Not historical, but I love McShane’s character. Second choice would be Deadwood. The scene with Al and the dying preacher was amazing.

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