7 thoughts on “Jeanne du Barry (2023) video review

  1. slight correction… Jeanne was Louis XV’s 6th official royal mistress, and last of a larger number of unofficial mistresses.

  2. Isn’t white still the colour of mourning in France? I’m sure it’s relaxed in this day and age. But I distinctly remember the Queen Mum (just the Queen then) made a Royal visit with her husband, George VI, to France in 1938, they radically altered her wardrobe so everything was in white, to reflect the fact the Queen Mum was in mourning for her own mother, who had died not long before this trip.

    So Maïwenn did not honour her own countries customs while making the film. A tad irksome but sounds like this was kinda par for course.

    1. “A” color for mourning (specifically royals & it’s debatable) & not “the” only or required color. Also, like black, just bec. it’s used for mourning doesn’t mean it’s restricted to mourning. Ppl wore black or white clothes throughout history (& in the 18th-c.) just bec. it was fashionable, even if it was also a color worn during mourning. Just as today!

  3. The movie is just looking very poor to me. It seems to me to be a mix of 90s haute-couture meets 18th century. The actress for Jeanne du Barry just doesn’t look like the beautiful mistress although I think that Johnny Depp could be a good choice for the depressed old king. Nevertheless I suppose that Vincent Perez was the perfect actor for that important role. I think that it will be in our cinemas only for 1 or 2 weeks as the cast is not to the taste of a larger audience. I’m excited to see Pierre Richard and what he can do here…

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