11 thoughts on “Frock Flicks is in solidarity with IATSE

  1. Union Steward here. I stand with my union siblings that are trying to create a better work environment for all.

    THANK YOU to Frock Flicks for highlighting this issue. 💐

  2. Thank you. I worked in theatre for 20 years and though I wasn’t in IATSE, I appreciate their work. I stand with IATSE.

  3. Those of us who have worked as extras on a film set have seen the beast up close. It took 2 days and 160 extras to produce what ended up as about 4 minutes on film. And all that time, the crew were working constantly.

  4. I know people who are in tangential support roles to the film industry, and hear how little most people in the industry make, in relation to their time and talent. Onward IATSE!

  5. I stand with IATSE. And remember the famous line in Fiddler ‘Never trust an employer.’ And remember without the crew, the actors would not have their painted canvas – sets, costumes, set furniture, lights and sound to convince us like in Outlander’s episode FAITH the Star Chamber, Versailles, etc.

  6. I was a member of local 764 (the theatrical wardrobe union)
    when I lived in NYC. I never worked on film, but I know their horror stories are real. The instagram account is well worth reading. There’s something very, very wrong when people are regularly worked past exhaustion and falling asleep at the wheel is such a common occurrence. Lack of meal breaks or bathroom breaks, the terrible disrespect and worse wages – they definitely should strike! Is there a list of producer addresses where viewers could write and promise to cancel subscriptions if the IA demands are not met?

  7. One reason why I enjoy this blog is because of how educational it is in addition to being fun. Until this reading this post I was unaware of this particular union and the impending strike. Thank you for shedding light on this issue. As someone who has been involved at the grassroots level with the arts in my community and who has a little behind the scenes experience with a TV show, I am well aware of the long hours and often little reward that goes into almost every artistic endeavor, including all the performing arts. I definitely stand in support of IATSE and FrockFlicks on this matter.

    I highly recommend watching Lindsay Ellis’s expose’ on this matter as it related to the filming of The Hobbit trilogy in New Zealand. She made a 3-part video essay about it: Part 1: The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy; Part 2: The Hobbit: Battle of Five Studios; and Part 3: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Warners. The entire essay is excellent and interesting–especially for fans of the books and film–however, Part 3 specifically focusing on the conflict between film industry, the unions, and the country of New Zeleand. You can watch Part 3 on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Qi7t_g5QObs

  8. Bravo frockflicks! Why can an industry that makes so much profit not pay their employees properly and treat them decently?? I agree that it’s total bullshit. They should strike and all of us consumers should back them.

  9. Thank you for bringing this up, FF. Having worked similar hours in a different profession (in 2003 we won a 20-year fight for “just” 80 hr workweeks, max shift length 28 hr, and 4 days off per 28 days), I’m appalled to learn that other professions do this too. It’s inhumane and unnecessary.

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