11 thoughts on “Historical Costumes in The Sandman (2022-), Pt. 2

  1. This is one of my favorite episodes. I loved Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, and I adored Ben Kingsley’s hot son Ferdinand as Hob Gadling, especially the bit where even though he’d lost everything, he still didn’t want to die, because things could turn around!

  2. It took me until the 1889 scene and Hob wearing Victorian fashion to get me to realize I’d seen him as Mr Francatelli in Victoria, lol.

  3. Death’s headress is 12th, not 14th century imo. I’m pretty sure the wimple -pillbox-veil look had given way to wimple -cauls-veil by then, or even escoffions/hennins.

    1. Yes & no; the wimple/pillbox (actually it is a fillet) in particular was popular well into the 1300s. Later in the 14th century you see more of the cauls and crespinettes (the braid or jeweled blob on the sides of the head), but the wimple stayed popular well into the 15th century. (It covers a multitude of sins!) Escoffions & hennins are solidly 15th century. So her headwear may be a tiny bit old-fashioned, but it’s quite reasonable. And well done!

      1. Not everybody dresses in the height of the latest fashion after all. And Death can wear whatever she wants! Wimples really are quite becoming, can we bring them back? I got jowls!☹️

    The Sandman isn’t my favourite comic series (it’s close, though), but it’s the one I’ve re-read the most. This episode was like two issues of the comic slapped onto the screen. Perfect perfect perfect.
    And can we talk about Desire?!? Holy carp is Mason Alexander Park exquisite!

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