5 thoughts on “Historical Costumes in The Sandman (2022-), Pt. 1

  1. I’m enjoying this series. Charles Dance was superb as Burgess. Wonder what you’ll say about the Hob Gadling flashbacks.

  2. The costumes didn’t make me wince or cringe too much, but then I was deeply invested in the plot and enjoying spotting the changes [I recently re-read the whole Sandman series to refresh my memory! Nothing too jarring at least! [Although men’s period hairstyles annoy me even more than the women usually lol]

  3. Her bob looks awfully long for the 1920s. Looks far more fashionable for the 1930s, at least to my eyes!

    1. England was a conservative place. To see the real flappers you pretty much had to go to ny or Chicago.

  4. I loved The Sandman comics in the ’90s, re-red them ahead of this, and was so, so happy with the show. The people who worked on it truly cared about adapting the comics well. Honestly, I didn’t pay that much attention to costumes but am eagerly awaiting what you thought about the costumes in the Hob Gadling storyline.

    Also, fellow Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fan here who is loving the intersection of my weird comics and period costumes.

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