12 thoughts on “MCM: Tom Sturridge

  1. I’m pro-pouty if it doesn’t extend to personality, and pro-pretty-bois, but the man needs a shave and some black eyeliner to be in serious contention for me…!

      1. What about longer Pre-Raph hair with the eyeliner? He’s perfect for one of Lord Akeldama ‘s drones. (Gail Carriger books)

  2. Love him and everyone else in Pirate Radio. Pushing the definition of frock flick, but such a great film!

    1. the conflict between sexuality and society is the primary theme of Jude but less so in Madding Crowd where the major theme is relationship to the natural world and the changing rural way of life. Oak represents the natural world and those changes, which he is the driver of whereas Troy is a distraction, almost a crop blight, who blows in indifferent to the life of the farm. He is bright and brash,, not something I picture Tom being, but without substance,as Hardy would have viewed the legendary Troy which had fallen and vanished without a trace. the best adaptation to date I think is the BBC Tv version of 1998. Well worth watching.
      But back to Tom..

      1. Hear hear about the 1998 version! Jonathan Firth was so good as Troy, and you can’t do better than Nathaniel Parker as Gabriel (Michael Sheen in 2015 is the best Boldwood, IMO).

  3. The thing with Troy is that he needs to have a raw sex appeal to make it clear why Bathsheba picks him. The ’67 film did go overboard (hey, it was the sixties!) but I think they got that the tension Hardy was setting up was between innate sexuality & what society approved, which was a theme his works often explored (big Thomas Hardy nerd here :) ).

  4. Think you’ll find thats Sam Claflin there for Journey’s End and Sturridge was in the 2nd season of “The Hollow Crown – The War of the Roses” which was shot in 2015 and aired in 2016.

  5. re: Effie Gray–oh, but it wasn’t Millais that was the problem. I’m guessing he and Effie made up for her sterile years of marriage to Ruskin, because they had eight children!

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