21 thoughts on “Five Upcoming Movies That Make Me Go “Hmm…”

  1. Wondering what became of the Custom of the Country project , another Wharton-based book…has been sort of in development for a few years…still no cast or anything listed.

  2. The costumes (as much as one pic is to go one) for Firebrand look good but I’m kind of over Alicia Vikander’s acting; I find the more I watch, the more she comes across as listless and somewhat confused in every role she’s in – like she accidentally wandered on set and isn’t sure how she got there. I just watched ‘The Gloria’s’ and she plays Steinem at her peak firebrand (ha ha) period and yet her version of righteous anger feels like a whimper compared to Julianne Moore or even Rose Byrne in Mrs. America.

  3. I hadn’t heard of any of these. They all look interesting. I’m hoping for another season of The Nevers. One I’m always on the fence about is The Night Circus. I know it was optioned right away, but nothing’s ever come of it. It’s one of my favorite novels, and on the one hand I shudder to think of how it could be F’d up on screen. And on the other hand, I’m curious to see how it might be done. I vascillate between hoping it never gets made (and ruined) and hoping it does out of curiosity. I’ve longed wanted to see a film treatment of The Black Count, which I also think was optioned a long time ago. I think the reception of the upcoming Chevalier will play a role in whether anything moves forward with The Black Count.

    1. I’ve heard contradictory things about The Nevers. The last half of the season has been filmed, but HBO Max canceled the series, so I don’t know about air date.

      1. I was sad about the cancellation of the Nevers, which I thought was flawed but enjoyable, and even sadder at this recent spate of streaming services not just cancelling shows but outright dumping them to avoid paying residuals! I didn’t think I had any illusions about the film and TV industries, and I know creative/storytelling interests and profit motives have always been at war, but I feel like that tension used to be better hidden, at least.

  4. That Madame Du Barry flick has me intrigued, despite Johnny Depp! Not really a fan!

  5. There’s another Poirot outing from Kenneth Branagh (Another one?Yawn!) based on Hallowe’en Party. Set in Post WW2 Italy, I think? Tina Fey and Jamie Dornan are attached. So decent Eye Candy/ Potential New Look fabulousity? Who knows!

  6. Thank you for bringing the upcoming ‘Firebrand’ and ‘The Buccaneers’ to my attention. Both sound promising. I am, however, a little worried by ‘Seacole’ because I am a fan of historical accuracy. Most of the stories now circulating around Mary Seacole are not based on the reality or her own memoir. She was a caring person, but not a nurse, nor did she actually do much of significance in the Crimea. The mythology about her life has become quite extensive and I fear this film will just add to it.

    1. Florence Nightengale wasn’t a “nurse” in the modern sense either bec. the concept was just being invented at the time of the Crimean war. Mary Seacole did quite a bit that was useful & “nurse” like before, during, & after the Crimea. I suggest you not lean too heavily on white-washed history.

    2. On the other hand Seacole deserves great credit for her work during a cholera epidemic in Panama. Her treatment was reasonably successful and the courage she showed in nursing victims of this deadly and contagious disease was of a very high order. She lived an adventurous and fascinating life as a traveler and entrepreneur, but she was no Florence Nightingale. On the other hand Nightingale was no Mary Seacole.

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