13 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Costume Recap: Season 6, Episode 6

  1. What I loved in this episode dress wise is Mary’s green gown in the dinner/shagging scenes. It’s a perfect colour for her and one colour if which I wish she wear more. Tom and Henry look shaggable, but I like the fact that Bertie Pelham is the only one who knows how to deal with a house tour. Low Battery more later.

    1. With the possible exception of a few of her signature wine-colored outfits, this might be Mary’s greatest posh frock. (Although it looked more jade than sea-foam to me.)

  2. #ShutUpDaisy is my new Downton theme. But #ThomasNeedsAHug is coming in close behind. And I demand hats happen again. Hats need to be a thing now.

    1. #ShutUpDaisy is my new theme too! I never liked the character, but she’s reached even new levels of insufferable this season.

  3. Bertie is full of surprises. Remember last week, he told Edith about his cousin? It was an oblique way to say the Marquess was gay. ‘He likes to paint beautiful ..boys’. Do you know what happens to him? I don’t want to reveal spoilers. Just say his societal position may be raised….

  4. Love Mary’s gown but think the green of the earrings and bag are all wrong for the delicate seafoam. The coat is fabulous! I did like the browband until you correctly pointed out it’s tacky up close. But shagging? Good Heavens, NO! Snogging, yes.

  5. Stunning stunning costumes and pretty much period correct and this series is a massive hit. The costume designer of War and Peace please take note.

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