9 thoughts on “Ghosts of Slavery in Beloved

  1. You should watch La Esclava Blanca on Netflix. Really interesting setting of Colombia in the 1830-40.

  2. I’ve read Beloved, but [dare I say it?] I really really don’t like it. It has often been on set reading lists for women’s literature, or black literature courses, but I think it tries too hard. I’d personally love to see a version of Octavia Butler’s ‘Kindred’…or in fact anything by Octavia Butler.
    And I can’t abide Thandie Newton

    1. I’d be down for some Octavia Butler adaptions too! As we’ve complained before, Hollywood is more than happy to remake the same old stories a dozen times, but ignore innovative fiction & lesser-known historical stories :(

    2. Maybe a four-part (minimum) mini-series of “Kindred.” Can’t believe no one’s gotten it to the screen yet.

      1. I know- it’s AMAZING. I’ve made so many people read it, and lost so many of my copies as a result! I even got my ex-husband teaching with it instead of ‘Beloved’. ‘Xenogenesis’ would be too much for most people to stomach, even now, but ‘Pattermaster’ might make a Netflix season or two…

  3. I tried to watch the movie when it first came out on video. I found the opening scenes so incomprehensible I didn’t last five minutes. I did however read the book all the way through. The opening made a lot more sense with written narrative.

  4. I saw the movie when it was released in the theaters because I really enjoyed the novel.
    And I agree Octavia Butler’s Kindred would be an awesome series/miniseries.

    But what I really want is a miniseries on Marion Anderson and Leontyne Price.

  5. I read the book at Uni and loved it – set me off on a Toni Morrison binge – amazing but gruelling stories. Haven’t seen the film. Wasn’t Oprah in The Colour Purple as well? I didn’t think she had done a lot of acting.

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