11 thoughts on “WCW: Sophie Rundle

  1. Isn’t the bit of the yardage shop interior we can see in Dickensian wonderful? Maybe you could offer more pix sometime with critique?

  2. I loved her in “Gentleman Jack,” but I had no idea she had such an extensive resume!! I remember finding out that she had been in an episode of “Call the Midwife,” which I had seen without really knowing her other work. She has a lot of range!

  3. I’m going with Ann Walker in Gentleman Jack. It’s a beautifully nuanced performance; powerful at times and delicate at the same time. Mr Pye’s costumes are gorgeous and so suit each character.

    And Ada Shelby for the second. Love the scene in the cinema.

  4. I wonder if the second Peaky Blinders photo is from at least the second or third season when the show had progressed into the roaring 20s? It jumps two years ahead in the second season alone, and times moves pretty quickly between each season which might explain the very flapper outfit.

  5. I have TERRIBLE face recognition powers. AWFUL. Staring at all of these I realised I’ve seen her in Bletchley but made no connection with Ann Walker. Sigh. I give up, I’m a lost cause!

  6. And I did critique Ada Shelby’s costumes as being a bit too fashion-forward — the series starts immediately after WWI, yet she’s already in full flapper mode. It’s a cute look, but not plausible.

    From which season of “Peaky Blinders” was this photograph of Rundle from? The series’ most recent season has reached the fall of 1929.

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