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  1. The first season of The Paradise was so good, but the second was a bit of a disappointment. I never managed to finish it.

  2. The hoods in the Firebrand photo pretty good! Curvy, not too wide or sticky-outy, not just a headband.And I love the visible texture and reflection of Catherine Parr’s damask there on Alicia Vikander. They look like proper silks rather than some cheap cotton-looking fabric you get in some of these productions.

    1. Am looking forward to “Firebrand,” based on hot-French-hood-action photos alone. (And the fact that Jude Law, unlike some British actors one could mention, actually grunged up a bit.) Getting back to Bentall, I really liked her as Verity Poldark; she would make a good Melanie in “Gone With the Wind.”

      1. Mr Law is generally good value so far as casting goes – and I was both a little amused, as well as a little surprised, to learn that he apparently had a scent maker whip up an ‘Eau de Dead Tudor’ to help capture the horrid smell of Henry VIIIs ulcerated physique.

        Apparently he only meant to wear a drop or two on his own person, but the director got wind of it and started spraying it EVERYWHERE.

        I can’t decide if that’s a Power Move, simple commitment to The Method or just plain cartoonish.

  3. When watching young actresses (or actors) it’s interesting and a little melancholy to ponder who will keep working, who will be left behind (whether they make it Big or not in the first place) and who will keep showing up on our screen until Death comes with the classic ‘Stage left’ crook rather than a scythe.

    It is much, much more fun to work out which of the thespians who endure to become National Treasures will do so because they have “It” and always will, which will do so by dint of being good in EVERYTHING (I suspect we’re all thinking of Romula Garai at this point) and which of them will manage it by dint of somehow managing to appear in everything.

    I have a sneaking suspicion Miss Bentall May end up in that latter category, if the number of her screen credits to date are anything to go by!

  4. As soon as I her top photo I screamed, “Verity.” She has been good in everything I’ve seen her in so far. Completely forgot about her in Interlude in Prague, mainly because I’m trying to completely forget about that movie altogether. I would be willing to bet money that the still from The Paradise was composed with Whistler’s paintings in mind. Also, I never realized just how much she has that Frock Flicks until looking at all the stills in this post. I hope to see her in more stuff! Great WCW choice.

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