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  1. She plays a breeches part in the 1951 Tales of Hoffman – very odd. Otherwise I’ve only seen her in I Know Where I’m Going – not a costume film, but she’s rather magnificent in her supporting role.

    1. One year, sometime when I was in college (yeah, that long ago) they showed “Becket” like twice a day on the TV.
      “Richard III” is a good straight forward production. It’s fun to watch it, then watch the Ian McKellen 1930s version. (Not in one sitting)
      And I watched “Fall of Eagles” when they broadcasted it. I have it on DVD but haven’t gotten thru it all. It’s actually interesting though. I must dig it up and watch.

      1. I don’t know why this is a reply to Caroline Macafee. It’s suppose to just be a general comment. Oops.

  2. The houppelande in the 1955 Richard III is belted correctly! Faints from the shock The hat’s nice, too.

    1. Gosh, you’re correct–belted right up there. I’d like to see that Richard again. Brown has such an odd, interesting little face: not conventionally pretty, but you can’t take your eyes off her.

  3. Not frock flick related, but she is wonderful in “I know where I’m going”, which in itself is a perfect film in every particular

  4. Not flicks and totally OT, but when I was growing up in near Southern Appalachia during the 1960’s, my life was totally changed by being able to listen to Pamela Brown and John Gielgud in Much Ado About Nothing and The Importance of Being Earnest (she was Gwendolyn) on LPs. Thank you, Ms. Brown. I will always think of you fondly.

  5. Sharon, Caroline, I love IKWIG too. Traveled out of my way to see it a second time. It was screened by our local, the eminent author Simon Winchester. And now I know where I recognize this actress!

  6. I Know Where I’m Going–my favorite Pamela Brown role, and one of the best of my favorite filmmakers of all time, Powell and Pressburger. Brown and Michael Powell were partners until her death.

  7. That is one terrific butterfly headdress. Go close-up and you could nitpick over the materials and detailing if you really wanted, but they got the general look – the shape, the weight, the proportions – brilliantly. (And all for a tiny role.) If film costume designers in 1955 could do that, why can’t they do it today?

  8. I’m down for any portrayal of Jane Shore that renders her fabulous! She was treated like shit in RL, but I think history has been kinder to her

    (NB. she was the inspiration for Cersei Lannister’s “penance” in Game of Thrones, although GRRM did what he always does and made it as EXTREME AND AWFUL as possible)

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