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  1. I like that she seems to enjoy trying new types of projects for their own sake. Dogville wasn’t commercial fare by anyone’s standards, but she went with it to see if she could do it. I will always think she looks better as a redhead, natural blonde or not.

    1. I loved the old Kidman look, the red hair and freckles. (I also liked her best in comedy.) She’s a good actress, but I kept imagining Tilda Swinton as Woolf.

  2. Queen of the Desert, which, alas, is one of the few I’ve seen. She is always good, even in not-so-good vehicles like Far and Away. She’s a pro, through and through.

  3. The Others is a great film and my fave out of the few others I’ve seen on this list. I’m interested in seeing a few others: Flirting; Portrait of a Lady; Queen of the Desert (which I’ve picked up at put down at my local library about 9 times); and Genius.

  4. I just can’t with Nicole Kidman! Long time lurker, first time poster to say I don’t understand! It’s like the emperor’s new clothes I just don’t see what others claim to see. I’ve only enjoyed her performance in To Die For because she was perfectly cast as a comedic caricature. I shuddered through Eyes Wide Shut, turned off Moulin Rouge after a valiant effort because pretty costumes but no, and the horror of The Hours was too much, how could they with her! She’s so mannered and frozen in face that I can never suspend disbelief. Tilda Swindon would have been perfection in that role. There I feel better 😊 love your blog very much anyway. Carry on!

  5. I love the sexy red silk dress with the mandarin collar she busts out at the charity ball scene in Australia. It’s divine. I must also, Nicole let herself be filmed looking downright dirty and haggard in some of the scenes when they were ‘rounging it’ in the Outback. I found that admirable.

  6. I would have sworn that first photo for Queen of the Desert was Rosamund Pike, and have never caught any resemblance between the two before! She does take interesting roles, and confounds expectations.

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